The backdrop used for the Cross del Sud 2009, with the logos of the official sponsor and partners.

Sport and athletics have always been the milestones of our society, combined with the high quality of our events, that enables us to offer great opportunities to our partners. From the beginning our official sponsor has been Fiat Group, thanks to a collaboration established in the 1977 and strengthened during the following years.
During our thirty-year activity we have the chance to cooperate with great companies like Ferrero, Lotto, Poste Italiane, Acqua Sangemini, Poste Italiane, Lufhtansa, Alitalia, Acqua Fiuggi, Gatorate, Gan Assicurazione, Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona, Egidio Logica and so on.
Our sporting partneship has always been in the vanguard about marketing and is particularly attentive in offering an incisive way to comunicate. Presently our marketing policy offers three types of qualification, official sponsor, official partner and official supplier.
Nowadays our events offer the following opportunities:

  1. 41esimo Parallelo (our magazine);
  2. Logo on the bib numbers;
  3. Start-Finish arch;
  4. Advertising banners;
  5. Backdrop;
  6. Logo on the finish strip;
  7. Promotional Inflatables.