A moment of the men relay 3x2000 reserved to all the employees of the Fiat Group plants, organized on the occasion of the Trofeo Sata 2011.
Trofeo Sata

The “Trofeo Sata” (literally Sata Trophy) was introduced in the 1995 on the boost of the Sata’s plant and Atletica Fiat Auto Formia to spread a significant message of sport in the south Italy. This event, generally a road race or a race walking competition, takes places every year in the city of Melfi between the end of september and the first ten-days of october. During its historical path the “Trofeo Sata” has had the chance to host for four times the Europena Race Walking Interclubs Cup and twice the European Road Race Interclubs Cup. Consequently there has been the chance to admire the performance of great champions, like Annarita Sidoti (world champion at Athens 1997), Elisabetta Perrone, Erika Alfridi, Rossella Giordano and Elena Rigaudo, in the women field. Instead, in the men field, it deserves to be nominated for, champions like Giovanni De Benedictis, Michel Didoni (world champion at Goteborg 1995) and Ivano Brugnetti (olympic champion at Athens 2004).
In addition to that, during the same day it holds a special relay race  (3 x 1000) reserved to all the employees of the Fiat Group’s plants. In this spefic case the goal is to set up a sport meeting among people who work very far but that are part of the same family: Fiat.